Asset Backed Investments

Asset Backed Investments

We connect professional investors with asset sellers and developers

QB Group brings asset-backed, real estate opportunities to the professional investor community. We give the investor the option to fund, invest, or divest their portfolios, either independently or within a syndicated environment. The minimum investment is £250,000, except in the case of bonds, which has a minimum investment of £10,000.

We only specialise in real estate and property development opportunities that have passed a minimum set of criteria, to ensure a level of quality, and that each has all the supporting documentation needed for investors to make an informed decision. The types of investment opportunities include:





Identify real estate opportunities based upon asset type, location, type of investment

Once an investor has identified a suitable investment they have the option to examine particular opportunities in more detail. A property development prospectus would contain all vital documents, such as the appraisal, cash flow, plans, valuations, images, surveys, planning permission. Whereas a property or land for sale would include title deeds, valuation, images, evidence of yield (if appropriate), any surveys undertaken, planning (if appropriate). All the legal documents will have been verified and a quantity surveyor checks all property developments before they are approved to appear on the platform.

When an investor identifies a land or property development opportunity of interest, they may seek to meet the developer / owner to discuss the asset in greater depth. Once finalised, the investor has options: they can offer to buy or fund the asset independently or offer to syndicate and state their level of commitment.

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